At Wellness®, we are on a constant quest to provide foods that advance the overall wellbeing of dogs and stay true to our mission to do whatever it takes to make the healthiest food and treats for the pets that depend on us.  more info
Go! Natural's healthy and delicious formulas are made with juicy cuts of fresh human grade de-boned Chicken Meat, fresh West Coast Wild Salmon, and a host of other fresh human grade meat protein sources.  more info
NOW! is a unique dry pet food that combines the unaltered goodness of raw meats with the convenience of a dry kibble, slow cooked in small batches for unsurpassed taste!  more info
ORIJEN foods start with government-certified human-grade meats (never frozen and with no preservatives) from chickens and turkeys that are on local farms and fish caught-wild from our deep northern lakes and delivered to us FRESH each day.
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DOGS AND CATS ARE EVOLVED AS CARNIVORES AND DESPITE A MODERN LIFESTYLE THEIR ANATOMY REMAINS UNCHANGED.  That's why we formulate ACANA with the same variety of fresh meats that cats and dogs would eat in their natural environment - keeping in mind the modern lifestyle of today's companion pet often means a reduced calorie requirement. more info

FROMM                                                                                                                                       Selecting the best natural pet food for your dog isn't easy. More and more, consumers are looking for a natural pet food they can truly trust. At FROMM, we understand this and we only offer pet foods that are uncompromised in their superior quality ingredients and effectiveness.  more info

Summit premium pet foods are developed for consumers who recognize the value in feeding their pets superior ingredients. Our “Premium” canine and feline Meat and Rice diets contain only quality ingredients and balanced Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids, with No Artificial Colors, No chemicals, No Soy, No Whole Corn! You can be assured less cleanup while your pet enjoys a life of healthy eating. more info

Sojos dog food mixes are made from scratch with whole foods. Unlike Kibble, Sojos has no fillers, no preservatives and nothing artificial.Just simple, real ingredients like you would find in your own kitchen.  more info


Developed by a Degree Pet Nutritionist and a Holsistic Veterinarian. This Raw Diet is made only with Federally Inspected, Canadian Raised or Caught Meat, Fish and Poultry. Gourmet quality whole food ingredients, humanely raised animal proteins, and locally sourced ingredients. more info

Why not provide your pets with the nutritional goodness we enjoy everyday?  Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails carries a large line of healthy and delicious pet treats, you can even come in and buy by bulk form our treats tins!  more info



Dogs are highly social animals. We at Chewber Inc. sincerely believe that interactive play between dogs and humans is essential.  Many of today's popular breeds were originally working or sporting dogs, bred to work cooperatively and tirelessly with their human partners.   more info
Below is just a sample of some of the great pet toys that we carry at Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails!  For a more complete list of inventory please come on into the store for a visit or give us a call.   more info
Home grooming is an essential part of pet care, brushing and combing frequently at home is especially important to maintain a good coat. In addition you have to clean paws after a walk, clean around the mouth, remove eye stains, remove debris from the coat or examine skin and coat conditions as often as needed.  more info
They are modeled after sports goggles. We currently have 2 styles of Doggles, fitting dogs 3 pounds to 250 pounds. All models have flexible, snug-fitting frames, which have foam padding against the face; polycarbonate (shatterproof) and anti-fog lenses; and adjustable elastic head and chin straps to keep the Doggles securely on the dog.  more info
Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails carries a large selection of bowls, dishes and mats.
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Form, function and combinations of both! Our expansive collar and leash lineup features everything you could possibly imagine, from leather to nylon, personalized to designer, harnesses to training collars, plus leashes and tags to match!  more info
Many of our pet products have multiple uses. All of our crates enhance the security and well being of your pet, which provides you with a high level of comfort and knowledge that your pet is well cared for.   more info
Bright Eyes & Bushy Tails carries a large line of pet beds and mats!  more info